The Pöntinen & Nästesjö Version

PNV, i.e. the violinist Stefan Pöntinen and the double bassist
Johannes Nästesjö started to meet in 2008 to make free improvisations together.
They decided to record everything every time they improvised.
In the beginning they met alone but soon they started to play in public.
At every occasion microphones and recording machines were
switched on, ready for work.

drawing: Hans Björn

It didn´t take long before they had collected
a good collection of recordings.
The next step was to release a CD.
Stefan and Johannes met regulary to listen through the material.
They became their own jury, a very critical jury
that just allowed the very best shots.
They decided to not use the very first recordings
that was ment to be the volume I.
Instead they chosed tunes directly for the volume II.

Johannes Nästesjö: Double Bass

When the music was selected they prepared the audiofiles.
One theme was set for each issue. Among the themes they
chosed was for example Coffee, Vehicles and Fire.
Once the theme was decided it was time for the cover.
The current theme was given to Maria Widén.
PNV had invited her to design the CD-label,
the back and the folders.
As soon as she had designed the cover
the material was sent to the printer.
And finally the parts were put together into
a finished product: a new PNV-volume.

Stefan Pöntinen: Violin